About Me

I had a very severe case of erectile dysfunction that started when I was 27. The pain of ED consumed my life and left me lonely, depressed, and suicidal. Frustrated with the usual treatment options, I desperately went looking for answers elsewhere. 

2 years later, I quit my job and went on a quest that changed nearly every part of my life. The desperation took me all around the world, cost me every dime that I had, and forced me to confront the emotional and spiritual aspects of myself that I had been avoiding. I ended up spending over $150,000 and struggled for 5 more years before I finally won my battle with ED. In the process, I learned how I had unintentionally created my own ED, why I stayed stuck without progress for so long, and how I could heal myself without using pills or resorting to surgery. 

These days, I use the skills that I learned from my own painful journey to help men overcome their ED. I continuously develop new methods that are tailored for each client’s unique challenges.  

I spend a lot of my time with my best friend and fiancée, Jeanie. I wouldn’t have healed my ED or started this business without her. My spiritual training continues to be a huge part of my life–I still practice qigong, meditation, and astrology every day!