Private Coaching

Private Coaching

If reading to the bottom of the page seems like too much work, then you can stop reading right here.

You have ED, and more than anything, you want to feel confident and be a great lover. Let me teach you how.

Overcoming ED is really fucking difficult under even the best of circumstances. I invested many thousands of hours over a decade to understand why ED happens and how to heal it. Working with me takes dedication. Are you willing to put in effort and keep going even when you fail? My clients are given “homework” based on their specific situation. Sometimes, this can take up to an hour each day. If you’re open to this level of commitment, you might be a good fit for private coaching.

I’ll show you how the creative power of your subconscious is causing your anxiety and ED. We’ll dig into your belief systems and uncover your harmful patterns of thinking. (Yes, you have them.) ED is so much different than what you think it is.

Back when I was struggling with ED, I eventually got to the point where I was willing to try anything. (For context, I was an atheist.) I never would’ve guessed that most of the answers to healing ED would come from various realms of spirituality. During our sessions, I’ll talk about Buddhism and Taoism. (I won’t try to convert you.) And I might use astrology. Can you keep an open mind?

It’s a very deep and complicated problem to solve because our minds and emotions are less tangible than the physical world. I’ll help you get your erections back pretty quickly, but like every single one of my past clients, you’ll realize that what’s causing you so much pain isn’t the ED. It’s actually your mind torturing you about your ED. When you’re having erections again, ED will still somehow torture you. Training with me will give you a set of tools that you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life. If you can get a handle on your monkey mind, you’ll be happier and more successful in every area of your life.

You deserve to have amazing, meaningful sex.

My coaching program might be more expensive than you’d expect. But it’s a tiny fraction of how much I personally paid to overcome my own ED.

Working with me will save you a ton of money on:

  • Viagra, Cialis, etc.
  • Medical appointments
  • Devices, injections, surgery
  • Therapy
  • Alcohol, drugs, etc.
  • Divorce lawyers
  • Misc. coping mechanisms for your deepest insecurities

More important than money, healing your ED is an investment in yourself (and your relationship)!

So are you finally willing to take control?

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